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Building a prosperous, diversified, oil service company characterized by indigenous professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence

WESTBRIDGE INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a registered limited liability company with basic purpose of developing and blending lubricants for automobiles engines, construction machines, industrial machinery as well as marine engine.

We are continuously working to position our products as a leading product in the oil sector by understanding the changing needs of our customers and continuously improving our product and process to meet demand. We accomplish this through employment of diverse team made up of trained and qualified personnel, continuous training and retraining as well as utilization of up to date machinery and technology for production.

Our ultimate commitment is to satisfy our consumers. We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality industrial oils, lubricants and greases. Excellence and quality in our products and services is our priority.

We are proud to be contributing positively to the economic growth of Nigeria. We are confident we shall continue to add value to our service.



Unparalleled commitment to partnership and reputation for quality products & services.

With shared values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and Strong work ethic we continuously work to position our products as a leading product in the oil sector of the economy. We understand the changing needs of our customers and constantly research into improving our products and processes to meet their ever increasing demand.

Our team of trained and qualified personnel are one of our greatest assets. With continuous training and retraining, as well as utilization of up to date machinery and improved technology, we have been able to match international standards of lube oils all over the world.

We provide a comprehensive selection of high quality industrial oils, lubricants and greases for various kinds of machines. Excellence and quality in our products and services are never compromised.



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WESTBRIDGE INDUSTRIES LIMITED operates a 15,000 metric ton ultra-modern lubricant blending plant located at Orimerunmu just off the Lagos-Ibadan express way. Vitlube, our brand is in a wide range of packs, from 1000ml to 250 litres. The plant has a large warehouse that stocks over 15,000 metric tons of packed lubricants and open storage of over 100 metric tons of drums. From this blending plant, Vitlube, our top of the line quality lubricants are produced.

To ensure that lubricants produced conform to specification, the blending Plant has a well-equipped laboratory for testing raw materials (base oils & additives), and blended lubricants. We also carry out analysis on oil-in-use and/or used oil, at customers’ request. Various analysis conducted in the laboratories include foaming, flash point, pour point, TAN, TBN, viscosity, colour, density, water content etc. Test results on external samples are dispatched to customers within a maximum of 48 hours from the time of receipt of sample. We also conduct oil analysis for other lube companies.

Westbridge Energy & Lubricants Ltd is the African leader in base oils and the ‘one stop shop’ for the lubricants industry in Nigeria. We offer a full range of Group 1 Base oils and integrated services to meet all the base oil and specialty blending needs of our clients. Our clients benefit from consistent supply options from the most reliable refineries worldwide and the most favourable logistics and financing terms.